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February 18, 2011


Peter Brown

I'm highly satisfied that 'sustainability' becomes more and more important in the US. Having lived in Europe for quite a while I always thought that the US lacks 'green ideas'. However, I wonder how much of a difference the individual can actually make. I believe that huge corporations need to become 'greener' as well - they are the ones providing the technology common people can actually chose from. Only recently I discovered that a new Siemens project called 'Sustainable Cities'. http://www.usa.siemens.com/sustainablecities/index.html That's definitely a step into the right direction.


I'm glad to see that the US is finally catching up when it comes to renewable energy sources. It's about time!


Renewable energy provides 19% of electricity generation worldwide. Renewable power generators are spread across many countries, and wind power alone already provides a significant share of electricity in some areas.

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